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Re: What Is Your Responsibility in Training?

Great post. A pin-point on some of my frustrations out and about the Aikido community.
The hobbyist mentality is frustrating. Those who don't value, nor can recognize high level Aikido when they see it. I've met individuals at seminars who are convinced their 1st kyu instructor at the local college aikido-club had a better shihonage than the guest instructor at the Seminar...and that guest instructor was Shibata Sensei. It's like bizarre-world. High level Aikido is viewed as a fable and non-accessible to some folks I've run into. I have the earnest belief that if the Saito's and Shibata's and Yamada's and any number of other high ranked Shihan can do it.... it must be do-able. There is just something wrong with my Aikido if I don't look like that.

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