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Re: What Is Your Responsibility in Training?

Ernesto Lemke wrote: View Post
That said, I do wonder whether you have any hope that this column will help those people you are describing any further (maybe more towards your own standpoint) or that it's mostly an expression of frustration and infuriation.
For me, once upon a time not too long ago, it surely was…
No, Ernesto, I don't actually think it will change.... I am just venting. Since this comes off my Blog, I get to do that. I am however doing some thing on my own that address the issue. I have started doing seminars that are "highly engineered" in that I only publicize them to a group of students I know and teachers that I have a relationship with. I have started restricting the number of students who can attend and necessarily charging more.The result has been some really wonderful seminars in which the students were responsive and the teacher was motivated and inspired.

Frankly, I think the top guys should just devote themselves to instructor training. There is no reason at all they should be spending time teaching beginners. But aside from the events that I organize, I have no control over these things. I can choose to go (and usually I am teaching so it's not really an option not to) or I stay away. But I still get sick of people essentially devaluing this amazing art with their sloppy attitudes and lack of responsibility for their own training.

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