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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

over the years, i sort of developed a dictionary of some sort to Ikeda's speak (using what i learned from IS folks). take it with a few pounds of salt.

i pick - aikiage or raising energy or uprooting (for taiji folks)

no space/make tight - tight connection between my center and my partner center (not physical space) sort of establish ground path between my feet and my partner feet through the physical connection be it a hand grab, shoulder grab, or whatever. also taking the slack out of your body, i.e. a fully connected body. take the slack out of my partner body as well. major topic by itself.

make weak - disrupting partner internal structure or power line or prevent partner from creating a ground path

move your inside - move your dantien/hara (major topic here)

move up and down at the same time - split your energy, one up and one down, i.e. tenchi or heaven-n-earth

hard and soft - fast speed and slow speed, but still kokyu

put center in your hand - your center is your hand, i.e. your hand connected to your center with "no space" (from above) so when you move your center, your hand move. same goes for every part of your body. the old taiji saying "power from below, control by the waist (read dantien/hara), express by the limbs". this related to "move your inside".