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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 18

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What that suggests is the whole claim of Saigo Shiro learning Daito-ryu or whatever was yet another case of after the fact, "Oh, we do that too." (Note, too, that yama-arashi, his special incredible, must be from D-ryu technique is in all the early judo books, and I've seen films from the 1950's with a number of teachers demonstrating it - and it is sort of a midway technique between tai-otoshi and harai-goshi - - - -not anything resembling D-ryu.
While I understand some people have presented this theory, I really was hoping to go another direction with Saigo Shiro, rather than some Daito ryu connection. My question is could Shiro have learned internal skills from Tanomo?

If Takeda is being true and he attributes his learning "aiki" from Tanomo, why couldn't Shiro? All outside any "martial art" venue, which would explain why Shiro wasn't great at judo but could still hold his own, even win matches.

So, we could possibly have these informal competitions happening with judo people involved and let's say the Yoshin-ryu article has it right. The judo side wasn't doing so well. Would it be too much of a stretch to see Kano, etc finding Shiro and using his talents to help win a match ... or two? Then embellishing it to promote Judo?
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