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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

yes, there is movement; and it is small. And it can be expressed in the wrists and in the hips; but at the most basic version , those are not necessary.

to grasp the exercise you need to focus through that connection with uke. If uke is pushing allow the push through you to the floor , if uke is static you can either remove the slack by adjusting forward or backwards. In a sense you are now a solid mass of flesh and bones bridged. You dont need to "control" every aspect of that mass if you're relaxedly taking that force into you. From your trunk alone you can try moving the whole set (one at a time) by first off balancing uke. All of this doesn't look like much going on, especially if your uke is not giving you a steady force to work with. your waist can bend and unbend your legs can bend and unbend, you can use your trunk to turn left and right up to a point. But if you engage your arms, use your shoulder muscles and so on, that connection you are relying on, as a way to get your legs and core strength out to your limbs , gets broken.

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