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Re: Some Ki Tests

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Hi everybody. Thought I'd post a short video of some exercises done to promote some of the basics of Aikido.

You may already do these and if not then I hope you will find them interesting and maybe give you ideas for your own Aikido.

We practice them to help promote Ki flow, Ki extension, center, koshi, weight underside and a calm mind.

These are just a few and they also lead to better technique and motion.


Happy New Years!

1) Ikkyo Undo movements by the students are sorely lacking in some fundamentals. The first couple of seconds, you do one and your rear leg seems to be bent at the knee. If that is so, I do not believe that this is a good idea.
2) That turning motion that you were demonstrating and teaching has some problems as well.
a) The person grabbing is grabbing without any intent or extension of intent/ki into the person.
b) The person being grabbed is not extending Ki into the attacker and there is no observable connection between the two people. That observation is confirmed by what happens when that person turns.
c) The turns appear to be not be centripetal turns from the spine.
d) The arm is left behind, creating a dangerous situation.

Finally, a calm mind is easy absent of a genuine attack. This type of training needs a critical bridge in order for there to be any carryover to maintaining a calm mind during a real attack.

Dan Harden and Mike Sigman will be in Europe some time this year. I strongly suggest that you attend of their seminars.


Marc Abrams
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