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Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Hi. Here is a video of me teaching some basics of the jo.

Before you think of the normal videos and demonstrations of Aikiken or Aikijo let me point out that this one is not what you would generally expect.

First I teach students to get to know the jo, to feel the flow of the jo, to move it in harmony with Aiki motion, to eventually have it as part of self.

You could say this is the part of Aikijo called being with the jo.

The uke is not very experienced at all which as you know can make things simpler or more awkward but as I said it is a video of teaching some basics.

Hope you like. G.
Sorry Graham, but I don't see much ukemi in your practice.... I just wonder if you are just teaching "ki" and not "aikido" whooooops I meant "aijudo"

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