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Re: Kokyu: The Ai of Aikido.

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
Hi Graham,

I feel very fortunate to have trained with an exeptional teacher and it is the unbelievable aspects of the art that have fascinated me the most. They are still the reason I strive to understand what is happening when it happens, thereby being in some position to pass on what I have gained to others.

I like this passage, as this aspect for me is at the heart of all the exercises/techniques, call them what you will, the actual exterior forms shihonage, ikkyo etc are only vehicles to attain the desired state of joining/harmony/aiki with the other.

Acceptance of what the other has to give is the way to harmonising with them, not just in a martial context but in life in general. Acceptance of self, likewise, is a step in the right direction to harmony with self.

Good post, thanks,


Hi Mark. Thanks for the response. Regards. G.
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