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Re: Aiki strategy outside the dojo

Diana Frese wrote: View Post
You're absolutely right and the video shows it (if you can post it
for the others) My husband and I were fascinated, and the
slow dial up portion enables us to study it, then the computer
plays it normal speed. A computer quirk that is actually

With regard to off the mat interpersonal communication as they
call it, often I have had to make a strong statement, so adapt
the timing when I say it. This works especially in family
situation with husband and brothers. When to meet opposing
force , and when to let them say their piece and then make
a point after they have done that. Or wait until later .... Not easy
to do but it works. Using power, with the proper timing.

Thanks again, we appreciate your help and encouragement.
Naaaa let them find it.......
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