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Re: Existence.

Hi Keith, hope you're feeling better.

I don't know what you take for your migraines or what your view on nutrition is but in the past I have found for some people magnesium helped, ( it would definitely help in relaxing the muscles and tendons)
For some zinc with copper helped and I put this down to the beneficial effects of copper on the nervouse system.

One very good one which a lot of people loved was a herb you can get in most health shops called Agnus Castus. ( I must point out here they were all women who connected the migraines to hormones, however it seemed to do the trick for them) It works by restoring the hormone balance in the body. Anyway, I'm sure if you don't already know you could look up nutritional advice on the net.

On your point of existence and reality I see it this way. If a person is experiencing and viewing something then obviously at that moment it is real. If I create with my 'imagination' a rose on the table and sit there looking at it then it is real for me and yet another would not see it. If I view something, let's say the wall in front of me then I am looking at something which others would agree they can see as well, thus we have the physical world.

So all are realities. So the point I'm making here is that if someone can perceive something then it IS a reality. The next question therefore would be what type of reality is it?

Too many people jump on the idea of if they can't see it then it's not real. If the thing being viewed or experienced is of the mind then it would be called mental and once again that would be looked down on when it shouldn't be because it's a reality, something to be accepted, learned about, understood and then with enough understanding put into perspective and dealt with.

Unfortunately we live in a society that is taught just to get rid of which may be fine short term but doesn't lead to understanding at which point we would have a better reality.

The mind exists. The physical universe exists. Imagination exists. Different phenomena exist. Ki exists. What needs to exist as far as I'm concerned for those who want to increase their awareness is a better acceptance of realities, thus putting them in communication with them, and increasing their understanding of them at which point they will then have gained a better reality.

Good thread. Regards. G.
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