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Terminology might be better left for scenarios that are easier to verify. Instead, maybe we are better off training together and sharing that way so we clear up misunderstandings sooner before they are roaring debates and create animosity.
Well, just the basic entre' (not the whole thing, by any means) into a discussion of "internal strength" is going to be the ability to move the body from the dantien and it should be an ingrained ability. If in a simple push against my chest a person has to use his shoulder, he's not even in the discussion. Some dantien/hara and a lot of muscle on top of it would also be telling. Incomplete ki development would also be instantly obvious. Use of the dantien in an inefficient way would also show up. There's a logic to these kinds of movements that precludes everyone's opinion as being "just as valid as Joe's opinion". Doesn't work like that.

But whatever. I'm happy to watch people do whatever is their fancy, so don't get me wrong. It's just that the logic is pretty immutable and I was arguing against the idea that everyone's opinion is valid. It can't be. Not every scratching of numbers on the blackboard is proper mathematics, either.


Mike Sigman
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