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Thomas Campbell
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Re: Existence.

I (thankfully) don't suffer from migraines, Keith. I admire someone who can transform their migraine experience into a phenomenological discussion on the experience of ki.

So... What does it mean when someone says "I can feel my ki flow and it exists."? Is it the same? Is it different? Are there different "levels" of existence? And how "real" are they?
So I've become interested recently in near-death experiences (NDEs) and explanations for what people who have undergone NDEs seem to consistently report (e.g., "moving towards a light at the end of a tunnel"). I am not suggesting that migraines are NDEs (although maybe a really bad migraine feels like it ). Rather I'm looking at the nature of the existence of these experiences for the people who have NDEs.

There is some very interesting literature out there, covering a wide range of "scientific" and not-quite-scientific perspectives. One of the more intriguing explanation/extrapolations involving NDEs comes from Simon Berkovich:

An information scientist, Berkovich explores the idea that

DNA information in living organisms is not complex enough to explain the quantity and diversity of information processed in and by the organism as a whole, and by the brain in particular. Instead, it is postulated that the DNA information serves as a unique identification key for a given organism, like a "barcode." As such, the brain is merely a transmitter and receiver of information, but not the main place for storage or processing of information (i.e. memories) . . . "
Maybe ki results from bodily interaction with this out-of-body source of information, which, like the "dark matter" of current cosmological theory, "involves activities beyond ponderable matter." (cue Twilight Zone theme music).

Just speculatin'. The broad range of phenomena for which the Chinese term qi is used include things not in your body.

But in terms of actual training, I'm with David Orange on his recent epiphany, about becoming attuned to and working with qi phenomena within the body (e.g., internal connection through fascia).

OK, my cup of tea is now empty. Anyone else pouring?
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