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I made the same transition after six years of training a mostly-tomiki style in Seattle. I found that while many of the details differed, the basics applied well. The Junanahon techniques encompass most of the standard aikido techniques found everywhere, except, of course, irimi-nage (or sayo-nage), however that technique is seen in the Koryu dai Ichi twice if my memory serves me well, so you may have at least seen it in your previous dojo.

As for your rank transferring, that will vary considerably from dojo to dojo, but you will find that even if they do not recognize your current rank they will most likely at least put you on an accelerated testing schedule until you reach your old rank. Of course, my saying it does not necessarily make it so...

Enjoy your shift in ryu. I am finding it an often frustrating but always rewarding experience. There is much to learn in the differences.


Originally posted by benny
Hi all, I have a question.

I've been doing the tomiki variety of aikido for almost a year now. When I go to university in october, I will be changing to what I believe is an aikikai dojo.

Now, obviously the basics of each style are the same, (rolling etc.), but I noticed that the requirements for promotion through the kyu grades are different. In tomiki you have to know kata, whereas in aikikai you have to perform certain techniques. I guess my question is to what extent are belts recognised between styles? For example, I'll know the first ten tomiki kata and a few kotegaeshi variations, but I won't be able to perform ikkyo to the level of a fifth-kyu.

Thanks for your help!

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