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Dallas Adolphsen (Chocolateuke) wrote:
Um, I dont know many of the last names, and I only know 3 of the senseis by names and all of these are by their first names ( i really stink at names). Randy sensei , Kevin Sensei and Payet sensei, we had 2 other examiners who just met that weekend so didnt get their names. sorry and sorry I looked at my post we had 5 senseis examining we were sopposed to have 6 but Reynolds sensei couldnt make it.
Hi Dallas,

Randy Stoner and Kevin Pickard most likely. Randy and I are class mates from the Sanbukan dojo before he went to Japan and joined the Senshusei course. Kevin started in Indianapolis but know trains out of San Diego dojo. Both very cool and nice people.

Please do let us know the results ....

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