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Re: Aikido in a street situation

Many years ago, an experienced barroom brawler once told me...

Always order beer in a glass mug and always hold by the handle.

When trouble occurs...

1. Throw beer into face of troublemaker.
2. Punch blinded troublemaker in face with mug. Straight punches regarded as best in case mug breaks to avoid getting cut. (Bottles or glasses without handles can shatter such that wielder could easily get cut.)
3. If mug breaks, use the broken handle to slash troublemaker and/or other unfriendlies if necessary.

The frightening bit - he was completely serious.

But I'm sure if you asked him what he would do if someone bashed him over the head with a bottle, he would say "Slump unconscious to floor and hope he doesn't get trampled in the ensuing melee".

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