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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 18

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Just to be clear, I didn't state anything (except the explanation of "kisetsu" and the reference to Yagyu Shinkage-ryu). Everything above the dashes is a translation of Professor Goldsbury's quote of Shishida Fumiaki.
Thanks. Of course the observation still applies.

I will state, in as much as Yagyu Shinkage-ryu goes, that the definition of aiki as "kisetsu ga au" is an overall tactical/strategic concept, unrelated to body skills. The particular reference in YSR is to "departing from aiki", and refers to part of a kata where the swordtips aren't even touching, or barely touching. I tried to make this distinction clear in my translation and explanation, but I can see how it could still be confusing. Indeed, IMO the basic sense of this definition of "aiki" probably led to its later use in a more hands-on/weapons-on sense.
Well I got that. I see it as directly relevant. I was suggesting that it may not have ever been a deviation or departure ..from...aiki...until later. I question whether the source came from a deeper understanding that has been lost as I can see direct aiki.
Is it a deviation?
Is it a lack of understanding?
Says who?
One only needs to get out about with Menkyo and Shihan alike to understand just how very dicey that rank and supposed expertise can really be.

In what circumstance is the observable effect actually a result of the body skill being manifest, and not of some external strategy or both?
Where and when does it happen where It leaves most people to try to understand observable and recorded results of training in kata, without the tools to make them happen without cooperation.
Where and when can we see that over time, both the teaching and the doing degrade to the point that the very thing that was so enticing in the first now a mere shadow of what it once was. And the modern adepts are left to wonder a) was it ever truly profound b) how to replicate it in anything but a cooperative venue,
All of which leaves us to wonder where we can find observable manifistations of these things done on a truly high level today.

"Who was this?"
I ain't sayin!!

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