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Re: Aikido in a street situation

Henry Ellis wrote: View Post

I can see a book developing here on street defence strategy.

1 ) I solved that dilema a couple of times with a stern confident look, and saying "I REFUSE to fight you, I DO NOT fight people. However, if you attack me, I WILL defend myself." ( must engage opponent in conversation and a pint )

2 ) If I was a street fighter one method I would try is to get the attacker's shirt pulled over their head tying up their arms. This is where this thought process is coming from. ( must only fight opponent wearing a shirt )

3 ) Get behind your attacker and take him down ( when he is not looking of course )

4 ) It is the first duty of an Aikidoka in a confrontation to protect their attacker from harm ( if you are that good )

Henry Ellis
Can you remember a book written tongue in cheek about martial arts of the world, where there was a master of halitoses, which a master was able to knock out people by his/her bad breath alone.... ?
There were/was other ridiculous things in it but a lot of people actually believed it as being kosher and it was really such a good wind up!!
I'm just thinking if these people passed this on as real, it's no wonder that people say such daft bloody things as they do today!!

I reckon we should collect all the daft, ribbon twirling, ki nonsense things said in this and other forums and publish it as "Learn the mysteries of the martial arts world and how you will become invincible".... I reckon it would be a best seller......

I remember one class when some "Ki " nut said to me "Sensei, what would you do if you were in a bar and someone hit you on the back of the head with a bottle?"
I replied "Probably fall down off my stool unconscious with a stupid grin on my face"
He didn't come back anymore......


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