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Re: Aikido in a street situation

If I was a street fighter one method I would try is to get the attacker's shirt pulled over their head tying up their arms. This is where this thought process is coming from.
@Gordon, It is obvious that you have no clue of street combat. Walter Mitty could have concocted a more realistic fantasy.
You most certainly will be the victim and not the prevailing combatant.

its the grab prior to a strike, takedown or drag off - and that for me is the attack most practical for women to have to learn to deal with w/o freezing (and no, I don't mean a static one handed wrist grab)
Very well said.

@Janet, I know plenty of females, small in stature and build, that are plenty capable of handing out a world of hurt in a surprise street situatiion. Confidence in skills and training, good trining, are the key.

Train well,
Train hard,
Train real,

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