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Re: Aikido in a street situation

Many attacks on women - and here I'm specifically addressing strangers on the street, NOT domestic violence or aquaintance rape - are essentially crimes of opportunity. In several situations over the years I saw the potential threat coming and was successful in using a combination of words and movement to completely call the other's bluff (this was all long before I ever took a martial arts class - I'm from Brooklyn :-) ).

Same approach stood me in good stead when doing street patrols or concert security as a young woman. Because nobody expects the small woman to have presence, there is a moment of absolute suprise/disruption when she uses voice or body to step forward and break up an altercation, and I learned to exploit that fully (its the same surprise/disruption a batterer expects to have on his side when he socks a woman in the face).

But the attack I have never had to deal with is the one that comes from the shadows, where there is no opportunity to call the attacker's bluff; its the grab prior to a strike, takedown or drag off - and that for me is the attack most practical for women to have to learn to deal with w/o freezing (and no, I don't mean a static one handed wrist grab)

I have read several accounts of women using aikido to fight off muggers - Cindy Hiyashi's published account of fighting off multiple attackers stands out in my mind.

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