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Re: Spiritual Principles Applied

Josh Philipson wrote: View Post
Mary, Is there an answer to what Pema Chodron says is the right place to look?
As I understand it, just like the book's title says, ultimately it's being comfortable with uncertainty and impermanence -- although the word "comfortable" is a bit of a warning sign too, isn't it? Maybe "being okay with uncertainty and impermanence" is a better way to put it. It's a great book, and if you look for Pema Chodron on Youtube, you'll probably find a lot of stuff that makes you smile and nod and laugh out loud. Highly recommended.

Thomas Campbell wrote: View Post
Shugyo Dojo.
Yes! That place where you never really arrive and settle in, but just keep on going. It's a nightmare to some and a paradise on earth to others.
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