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Re: Spiritual Principles Applied

"In geometry, an ellipse is a plane curve that results from the intersection of a cone by a plane in a way that produces a closed curve. Circles are special cases of ellipses, obtained when the cutting plane is perpendicular to the cone's axis."

Wikipedia, "Ellipse"

"An ellipse is also the locus of all points of the plane whose distances to two fixed points add to the same constant."


That is, it has two “center points.” Manipulating an ellipsoid structure so that you are the sun and not a planet seems a better metaphor for standard aikido technique in some ways, wouldn't you say?

Kepler's First Law means, among other things,

"In all cases of two-body motion, rotation is about the barycenter of the two bodies, with neither one having its center of mass exactly at one focus of an ellipse. However, both orbits are ellipses with one focus at the barycenter. When the ratio of masses is large, the barycenter may be deep within the larger object, close to its center of mass."

Then there's the second law, of course....

David Henderson
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