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Re: Spiritual Principles Applied

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post
So the planets move in elliptical orbits or in circular ones? Is 1st Kepler
Law untrue?

Then a Truth is a Truth based on a Truth, isn't it?

In the sense you have provided a definition of "truth" then yes, you have answered my question. Thanks.

You should read the appropiate books.

There are Twelve Spiritual Principles and Laws
Hi Demetrio.
Regarding the Keplar Law and the physical orbit being eliptical my very shallow cursory reading of it says that if the center is zero then it would be circular. Anyway, the analogy I gave of center and orbits was to show this principle in operation in Aikido. Secondly I would say that without any interference or other influences the orbit would be circular and an elipse is a form of circle anyway is it not?

Then we come to energy and it's prefered pathways.
For when someone attacks you they are doing it with energy. So in Aikido I see you can accept that energy to center and you can give it back from center and you can also accept it and lead it. Where can you lead it to is what I see as the more fascinating question?
Following the example of center and orbits then you can see you can lead it to the circle, or eclipse if you prefer, around you. Energy loves circles, it follows straight lines away from center and straight lines towards center, and it also follows spirals. So in doing a good tai-sabake and leading the opponents enegy to the circumferance of your space you are indeed putting them into orbit. This orbit is actually a path of non-resistance or least resistance and so the person enters it going around, feeling good yet not knowing why they can't stop. From a physical point of view you could say the orbit is the 'circular' path of balnce between centrifugal and centripetal force.
Bring them back inside the circle and you are then attracting them to center, let them go and you are sending them out away from center, flying off into space. Of course it takes practice to do this comfortably and takes acceptance and application.
Thanks for the reply.G.
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