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Re: Jo Dori Clip

Dieter Haffner wrote: View Post
If I may add something new to the discussion.

There seems to be a little hick-up in the movement of tori.
When tori steps out of the line of attack and makes contact with the jo or uke, there seems to be a little pauze. Upon which tori continues the technique.
I would prefer to see the waza in one fluent motion.

But I guess it has something to do with the Himejians as well.
Yes this is good observation. Some aikido styles do weapons in Start-Stop method, and the result is a real disaster.
Generally the techniques on this video have very low quality. The level is maximum 5th kyu and not black belt.
Some points from very rudimentary, physical point of view:
Both students are very stiff.
Attacks have not martial intent.
Balance of attacker is not taken in the moment of contact.
Nage is not interested to attack the center of uke but instead is concentrated in the jo catching and later waving jo as attacker doesn't exist.
There is no connection between both students, everybody plays his role separately.
Nage is not doing any locks seriously, so there is no question about even minimum effectiveness(as it can be obtained in dojo context ). Nage would never be able to take jo out of attacker if attacker decide to hold(I'm not even talking here about any serious counter) it for real.
The leading principle doesn't exist.
Nage is not controlling attacker at any moment.
..ok I'l not discuss here any more sophisticated no-physical aspects to demonstrate, unless all above point are not mastered there is no point to talk about it.


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