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Re: Spiritual Principles Applied

Good thread.
I have long thought that both on and off the mat acceptance of reality, including the attack, is the healthiest way of being in the moment and not battling reality. In dealing with my chronic pain and counseling clients with chronic pain or other longterm issues I stress accepting it as simply being. Creating a mental construct of it as something large and Other just gives it more power.
Now about "inviting"...I do also use that in training. 13 or 14 yrs ago I watched a woman do the randori portion of her fukushidoin test. She took the "own the mat" idea one step further; in moving towards an attacker her extending hand/arm was so graceful I would not have been surprised to have seen opera length gloves appear on her. I am short, round, older and slower but continue to cultivate that attitude in randori - the gracious hostess welcoming her guests (and ushering them in and showing them the door :-) )

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