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graham christian
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Re: Spiritual Principles Applied

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
"When someone grabs your wrist do you accept it or do you resist it or fight it or go against itin some way?"
How about receive it...welcome it...embrace it?
Hi Mary.
Having given the principle of acceptance as equating with center I like your question, especially as you mention three separate things.
I planned to deal with these in separate posts as parts of other spiritual principles so for now I'll keep to acceptance and center here and just for you I'll quickly differenciate what I mean.

Welcome I have as a principle which translates as Hara in Aikido and results in a pure softness that invites, welcomes and embraces.

Receiving you could say is inherent in both of these and yet I use the principle of 'letting go' as the spiritual action of Koshi or what I would call spiritual Koshi. Following this principle leads to weight underside and a reality of receiving completely.

Thanks for your response. G.
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