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Re: Spiritual Principles Applied

Lynn Seiser wrote: View Post
Well said. Compliments and appreciation.

May I add the idea of congruence?

How can we make spirituality congruent with our psychology and sociology (and every other ology)?

How can we make principles congruent with application?

When we are reminded to "move from our one point", how can we congruently all move in one direction?
Hi Lynn.
Your idea is welcome. To make spirituality congruent with our psychology etc. I would say that first you have to practice a principle and when finding the efficacy of it then to introduce it into our psychology and sociology and promote it.

The root meaning of the word psche always makes me smile for it means spirit and somehow got changed to mean the mind. The best psychologists and counsellors I have ever met were actually down to earth spiritual people.

Now in Aikido making these principles congruent with application once again takes someone firstly being able to translate them in to simple terms and then demonstrating them and getting students then to try their usual methods and then to compare to the method you are now showing. Once again allowing people to test for themselves to see the difference and the result.

When we move from one point and all move congruently in one direction? Do you mean in Aikido application?

Hope I've understood what you mean by congruent. Please let me know. G.
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