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Re: Spiritual Principles Applied

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Acceptance isn't agreement it is the way to spiritual stability and center.

Enjoy. G.
I really like this. I remember getting into a long discussion with someone once when I said, "one has to accept one's faults." He was incredulous, and we went off into a long debate each of us with our supporting arguments/examples on why this was or wasn't correct. Finally I saw what he was thinking. He translated what I said as, "one must give in to their faults." The "debate" was finally settled when I said, acceptance can also mean something akin to recognition and had to go to the dictionary to prove I had used the word correctly.
To my mind it has always served as a good example for most common disagreements people have. Rather than accept there might be even a kernal of truth or validity and see what that might be, they often resist...and get caught up in the fight rather than actually dealing with the essence of the thing itself, wasting time and energy and who knows what else.

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