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Spiritual Principles Applied

Hi everyone,
I have now come to terms with the various views on the various aspects of Aikido on this forum and have found when I say certain things like 'Spiritual' then others think they know what I'm saying and yet I find they have no idea of what I'm saying for it is down to that word and me not explaining what I mean by it.

Firstly let me state what I mean by principle: A rule to be adhered to and followed based on a truth.

So when I talk about spiritual principles I am thus saying there are some spiritual rules to be followed.

Now I have taken it as a responsibility over the years to translate spiritual principles into words and concept that can be understood and applied and thus tested.

So let's look at principles for a minute here. Keeping to, following and applying them is DISCIPLINE. The discipline of sticking to these principles instead of reverting to force or fighting is what I call the true martial aspect of Aikido.

So my first principle I give to you is the principle which relates to center in Aikido. In fact if you discipline yourself to apply this principle in life and living and during your Aikido practice then you will experience more and more the truth of center.

This principle is ACCEPTANCE.

When someone grabs your wrist do you accept it or do you resist it or fight it or go against itin some way?

Now when I say center I am talking about what Ki Aikido may call One Point which is situated a bit below the navel, outside the body.

Everything has a center, spin a chair or whatever and you will see it turns around it's center and thus the center is always the calm point around which everything turns.

Energy goes out from center and energy goes in to center and thus we have centrifugal and centripetal force and thus we have tai sabake. Energy also goes around a center no different to one planet or satellite in orbit and thus we have circles in Aikido and they are REAL.

So back to acceptance. If you completely accept the hold on your wrist for example the you will be letting the opponents energy go to your center and meanwhile you will find your own energy or Ki is free to flow through your body, through your wrist and hands and out to the universe. You are still free. If you go against the hold then you are blocking your own flow and not only that you are trapping youself by your own resistance and thus are left with no alternative but to believe in fighting.

Acceptance isn't agreement it is the way to spiritual stability and center.

Enjoy. G.
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