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Re: Jo Dori Clip

Yep, different dojo/lineage, different ways. One dojo I've been at, you return the sword (bokken) to someone so that you indicate your trust - by handing it to them with the handle to your left (partner's right) with the edge toward you. If you trust them, you give them the blade so they could use it. If you don't trust them you don't give them the blade/bokken.

At another dojo you do a bit of zanshin move toward them so they need to back up, then put the bokken, jo, or tanto, down, blade to outside, handle away (well, not with a jo...) and away from partner so you walk away from it and he/she has to go around to get it.

At another dojo practice was such that if you put the jo down too quickly or too close to uke, it was up and at you right away because you've left the weapon too easily available. Similarly you (where I've trained) don't make uke drop the weapon without you collecting it right away, because you don't want uke's friends collecting it up....

That demo was the first I'd seen where anyone tosses the weapon back toward uke, but if that's the way the training has been, that's the way it's done...

When in Himeji, do as the Himejians do....

Oh - yes - One of the sensei with whom I've trained said that my Jo-Tachi-Tanto-dori was a bit rough and nasty - but that it was OK to be a bit rough and nasty with weapon-tori, because the person had attacked with a weapon and deserved what he got. (note, yes, a bit rough, but nobody got injured)....

Cheers and Happy New Year all.
Shogatsu Omedeto Gozaimasu.

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