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Re: Jo Dori Clip

Oh, and fwiw... I saw a demo once (don't know who they were) where the aikidoka bowed and took a bokken from someone else in a purely formal way one would normally take a sword. The etiquette evolved from respect for the sword as well as an understanding of how dangerous they were and how easily a mount could be damaged. The fella then proceeded to use the bokken like it was a large stick, grabbing the blade in ways that would have given him the nickname "stumpy" if it had been real. He also did some take-aways where he'd toss the bokken away once he was finished. Struck me as fantastically inconsistent -- taking the bokken initially with all the etiquette and respect normally seen with a real blade then doing all sorts of things with it totally ignoring those very things.

Again... Just my perspective. Your mileage may vary.

I.e., thinking of threads about traditions and transmission here we have someone keeping certain aspects of the tradition but discarding others apparently (to my understanding) inconsistently.

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