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Re: Randori training

Aren't those tanto used in shiai not "padded" but just padding? ...With the intent being to allow for a replicated stab to the hilt of the tanto (which is the way to score a point?)? I remember training randori with the Himeji Shodokan club and often looking down to see the thumb and forefinger pressed against me, the "blade" bent at 90 degrees.
One of the things I really liked about the randori approach of Tomiki (as I understood it to be, at least) was the graduated intensity. I was able to practice with two nidans at the time who showed me different contexts to compare my "abilities" with. In the context where I wasn't given much if any quarter, I executed 0 techniques and was stabbed more times than I can count. It was invaluable, and the idea of a blade being involved added a nice poignancy to the lesson!
I agree with the idea that it's a good teaching tool when nage gets hit. It doesn't have to be hard, but A) it shows that uke is actually trying to get you, and B) it shows nage how behind in the movement they were. I've never been hit hard, but a bop to the face has always sped me up a bit!

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