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Re: New exclusive articles and by André Nocquet, the first foreign uchi deshi of O Se

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Hi Nicholas,

My first aikido teacher was Tom Moss who's lineage was from Murashige sensei via Thielemans sensei, you could try contacting Tony Thielemans here...

You might also try and contact Georges Stobbaerts as he was also in Belgium with Murashige sensei -

I'm not sure but isn't Morihiko Murashige related?
Happy New Year to All.
Murashige Sensei [the father ] has two sons living in U.S.A.
I know them both. Mark/Morihiko Murashige 6th Dan Shihan trained /trains in San Diego.He is a excellent aikidoka. Last time saw him was in 2008 in San Diego when Doshu was visiting the U.S.A.
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