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Re: New exclusive articles and by André Nocquet, the first foreign uchi deshi of O Se

Hi Guillaume

The Doshu wrote to me in the year 2000, he said in part.

" It is more than thirty years since Kisshomaru Ueshiba,my father,succeeded Aikido Doshu 11, And last year I was inaugurated as the Aikido Doshu. Time flies! Aikidoists who were awarded dan grades by the Founder are becoming fewer year by year. I believe that a person like you is very precious."

That was ten years ago, we are fewer still now.
I believe that we ``old uns `` have a duty to leave a truthful documented history for future generations of Aikido students..
Students that value the truth more than many in the UK do at this time.

Best wishes for 2011

Henry Ellis

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