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Re: New exclusive articles and by André Nocquet, the first foreign uchi deshi of O Se

Hi Guillaume

Good to see you are still working on preserving the history of European Aikido.
I was not surprized to read that Nocquet Sensei experienced some problems that were similar to those experienced in the UK..

Tamura Sensei ~ Aikido Journal.
What was Mr. Nocquet doing at that time?
He was the first Frenchman to come to Japan for aikido training and stayed for two years (1955-57). It seems that at that time (around 1962) he was actively engaged in spreading aikido in Paris from his base in Bordeaux where he was born. His group belonged to the FFJDA (Federation Francaise de Judo et Disciplines Assimiles - French Federation of Judo and Related Disciplines) but he thought it was insulting for aikido to be placed under the auspices of Judo. Although Mr. Nocquet had acquired authority over the administration of aikido in France from Mr. Abe, Japanese senseis came to teach without his permission. Consequently, he had initiated legal action against the Aikikai. He had no contact with the Japanese at all.""""

Take care

Henry Ellis
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