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Smile My Shodan Test

I took my Shodan test yesterday. We had six senseis as the grading people, and basically did what we were told. It wasn't to hard, I messed up on some stuff because I couldn't hear some of the names of the throws. I got a lot of praise ( weird word) after the test from the senseis about my form and free style. I will get my results this upcoming weekend! I hope I passed! I will tell you the results next week if I passed or not. It was a fun test, ironically i wasn't as nervous as I usually am during test. I would like to thank you people at these fourms for your insights and advice and how you have helped me shape my personal training! I know shodan is just the start of the road, but felt I needed to say thank you! Esp to Jun for the time and effort he has put into this site. So, Osu to all!

Dallas Adolphsen
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