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Re: Spear Training for Internal Power

Lorel Latorilla wrote: View Post
Hey David,

I suggest you ignore what's being said here and continue with the spear exercise and explore and research and not take people's words for it.

Rather than let Lorel continue the insolence toward me, I'll let him direct it at Chen Xiaowang:

Q: How do you use the dantian in applying force?

A: The dantian is the energy center of the body and requires coordination of the entire body. The force generated originates from the dantian and coordinates with the rest of the body, gains force.
Q: What are the mechanics of that?
A: Spiral force coordinated through the movement of the body. When the dantian turns, the body turns and pushes the hands. The dantian area is like the center of a circle.
Q: Elaborate on how the back and legs are coordinated with the dantian.
A: When the dantian begins moving, you connect the muscles of the legs and back to follow the dantian. Every part moves together, all connected. Then hand does not move by itself, the dantian pushes the hand. It's a 3 dimensional movement, using the whole body. The dantian, hip, knee, leg all coordinate, initiating in the spiraling through the body.
Q: The dantian by itself doesn't have force?
A: A small amount. The small force here pushes the rest of the body (muscle and bone).
Q: What is the connection between qi and martial usage?
A: Qi by itself is weak, soft. The dantian "communicates" to the muscle and bone. The dantian is the storage of all the qi. The jingluo directs the qi through the body. When qi is generated, it is communicated (wired like a bomb) through the body. You practice dantian to increase the communication to the rest of the body. It is very important to understand the relationship of dantian to qi, qi and muscle, muscle and bone. The correct movement is very important, to communicate to the muscle and bone. The main communication is between the dantian and muscle -- this is the essence of Taijiquan. Example: the dantian wiggles/moves when many do Taiji, but it moves by itself, and is not correct. When connected, the whole body can generate force.
I'm not going to expand or explain what CXW is saying since it's pretty clear to someone knowing what internal strength really is. Ask Akuzawa or Dan Harden to explain it and then post the gist of what they say here on this thread and compare it with Tim's recommendations. It could make for a productive discussion. Or simply let it go and not make a discussion of it; either way provides me with nothing I don't already know, but at least I made the offer.


Mike Sigman
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