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Re: Non-aggressive way to test ability and level of understanding.

Hi Maggie,
W/re: testing and experimentation, I think of the two as essentially the same thing. When one experiments, they test their current state of understanding.
Maggie Schill wrote: View Post
My opinion is that only some one who ,in honesty, is of greater experience than you can gauge the abilities of others in this way accurately. Otherwise, under the scenario put forth by the OP, how are we to determine or judge that a successful throw is the success of the nage, or the failure of the person who is doing the testing?
I might be missing something, but my sense is that people with "lesser" abilities can still judge something about the interaction. I've been reading up on my renewed favorite scientist and he said something to the effect that everything has some degree of uncertainty involved and I think he's probably right.

If you agree we are the blind leading the blind in many respects, then it is impossible for us to gauge each other accurately.
If by accurately you mean 100% then yes. I'm not saying the person with greater ability wouldn't generally have a more accurate assessment though.

Thus, IMO, we should just train and learn, without setting up scenarios in which we can judge our classmates, but continue to judge ourselves.
The whole point isn't to judge the other, but to judge the self in relation to the interaction. When I trained with complete newbies who seemed rather uncoordinated, I wouldn't assume they wouldn't out perform me in at any given moment.

I don't consider good-spirited challenges as a means to judge each other, but yourself.
Then I think we're in agreement.

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