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Re: Non-aggressive way to test ability and level of understanding.

Hello Mark

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
I dont think your definition and mine are the same. I didn't mention grabbing 'lightly', not sure where that comes from, a forum is a bit like chinese whispers, things get distorted along the way. I mentioned 'relaxed', with full intent, free to move etc.
Thank you for clarifying that. I'm sure there were others out there who like me were worried that you meant "relaxed grip = grabbing lightly" (i.e.: with no strength, internal or otherwise), especially since you contrasted it with grabbing tightly. You'll have to forgive me but I still don't quite get what is going on behind the grip. It sounds like a very special grip -- not the kihon mentioned by the OP.

That's fair enough of course, but then you're off topic, essentially informing us that you can do this easily and by the way, here's something much more difficult. As a Cumbrian with some farming background, I am familiar with the strength of drystone wallers. Where I am in my aikido, I think the ability to move such people is not always easy, especially when they are experienced, but I have found that my results have improved through practice of the basics. I'm not saying you can't do it easily but if that is so then I think you need to recalibrate to add a few lower levels for the basic skills some of us are struggling to learn. The OP was referring to this ability as a basic test that should not be rushed past:

Paul Araki-Metcalfe wrote: View Post
Just grab someone's wrist tight and have them perform Irimi Tenkan. If they are able to do this quite easily with no force, without trying to hit or distract you, then they have a good level of knowledge and understanding. If it is difficult, then more work is obviously required.
Like yourself Mark, I also have no problem with you taking a different route to achieve the same ends and I am interested in your approach, especially if you are as successful as you claim. Could you perhaps link to a video of the kind of thing you do?

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
As for the 'centre in the hands' point. If your hands are not an extension of your one point/hara/centre/dantien, then you do not have the mind/body structure that is required to manifest the elusive aiki/IS that is much talked about.
Thanks for clarifying that too. It makes a lot more sense. I am intrigued by your method of reaching this point.

Kind regards

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