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Re: Non-aggressive way to test ability and level of understanding.

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Interesting angle that you put forward, your own level of understanding and personal opinion, and good luck with that. There is no shame or underhandedness in testing each others abilities, how else can we learn and improve? As long as it is done with the right mind, constructive and not destructive.
Here is my problem:
If you put yourself in a position to test any one's abilities, then you first must be saying in yourself that you are "in a position" to be testing. Thus you think yourself better, or of greater knowledge than the one being tested. Because if we are being intellectually honest, only one considers themselves with greater knowledge in Aikido can be in a position to gauge those with less knowledge. If we are all equals and testing each other, well that's the blind leading the blind, if we are being intellectually honest. Therefore only some one of greater knowledge is in a position to gauge the skills and knowledge of some one else. And I think that person is Sensei. Therefore if you put yourself in a position to judge another classmate, you must first in yourself consider yourself your classmate's better, else it is the blind leading the blind.

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