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Thanks, Mel, good post. I didn't really think about it before starting this thread, but a lot of folks have a very cavalier/unrealistic attitude when it comes to personal weapons. It was just this morning that I thought about the potential risks of discussing such a subject, although I think this thread is a good one, from an educational standpoint.

just to be sure I'm clear with everyone: I don't like handguns. At all. I rate them right up there with land mines and disco on my personal list of things that make me happy. When required to train with and use them, I consider them a useful tool, nothing more. But for every offence, there must be a defence; it's the development of tactics that sparks my interest.

BTW, Mel, this is way off subject, but since you're knowledgable on the subject, here's a question that's been bugging me: do you have any idea who the bonehead is that came up with the idea they're using in all the movies now - that of holding the weapon horizontally? Not only is it the DUMBEST looking thing, it's accuracy is zero, spent casings go sailing everywhere and it puts an unhealthy strain on the wrist, as far as I can see. (I could be wrong, I've never fired a handgun in such a ridiculous posture.) It just looks tough, I guess. (I just laugh a bit when I see movie gangsters holding their hanguns like that, but I saw a war movie with 'marines' doing it as well!)


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