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Originally posted by Chuck Clark

If you enter and occupy a portion of the space uke needs to have good balance just before their posture is "firm", the uke must change their position and irimi has happened. While the uke is starting their recovery, tori uses the energy uke is creating to continue the kuzushi and fit to make a technique. So, yeah, I think ALL connections should be irimi.

Would this be also explained in terms of "taking up the slack" in
a technique at the time right before uke/tori has good balance
and thus having their posture "firm". "Extension" throughout the
technique would continue the kuzushi. This could be done the
same in tenkan movements as well. So by your definition both
irimi and tenkan have the elements of the "irimi" you described.
Does this sound accurate?
Josh Walker
South Bend, IN
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