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Re: Kamiza

That is a horrible inaccurate article and should be removed at once.

Kamidana 神棚, is the actual wooden shrine made out of Hinoki wood (桧 Japanese cypress wood). Kamiza 上座 is actually the "seat of honor", which refers to the location where a kamidana should be placed.

Further, it is not "just" about tradition or honoring the "founders"...

Shinto is a religion. Most western MA teachers are pretending and lying that it is not, and the kamidana and bowing ritual is only a matter of respecting the tradition and founders. This is completely wrong. People cheat, lie and try to bend things the way they want for their own selfish purposes.

The facts are, for Christians that they should not bow for other gods... (it is in the bible...) Which is exactly what they are doing bowing in front of a Kamidana. The worship of other gods is a reason for excommunication.

Shinto is a religion and that is a fact. Worshiping a Shinto altar (Kamidana), is worshiping "other gods". Over a 100 million Japanese observe Shinto events (e.g. New Years, Shogatsu) and visit their local shrines. Public dojo, like community centers or public school dojo (shogakko/elementary,chugakko/Junior High School and Koko/High School) do NOT have Kamidana, because of the separation of Religion and State under the Japanese Constitution.

Christians, Muslims, etc, that bow to a Kamidana have some serious soul searching to do...