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"I have read, in one of the odd combat video ads that seem to be emailed to me, that it is imprtant to grasp the hand, not the wrist when dealing with a handgun. If you grasp the wrist the weapon tends to flail and go off where as if you grasp the base of the hand as DaveO described this won't happen."
You're right, but I'm going to add this caution: Grasping too high on the back of the hand will tighten, rather than loosen, his grip on the weapon, including his fingers, trigger finger as well. It'd have to be pretty high on the hand for that (inadvertantly shooting yourself with his handgun), but the hand (sans fingers) is only about 3 inches long - a small target to aim for. The ideal spot is this: Starting from the wrist, the hand is sorta cone-shaped. Aim for the very top of the cone, just where it flares out from the wrist. The loosening effect is very, very slight, but every little bit helps. Grabbing the wrist is bad - as the contact point, it accellerates first, leaving the hand, with gun, behind slightly, thus pointing the weapon back towards your body; a very bad place for it.

But saying that folks, remember this: I was examining this from a very specific viewpoint; that of a soldier defending himself in a combat situation. I do not in any way suggest or condone this, or this type of training, for anyone untrained in the use of personal weapons - it's too dangerous, too easy to make a mistake. This scenario makes my case for me; you have to V-grip the hand PRECISELY, as fast as your reflexes allow, without looking. That is HARD. I didn't mention in my 1st post that Bri hit me about 6 times before I got the grip right, and I've been actively training in this fashion since 1986.

I put this caveat in there because after looking at this thread, I realized that there may be a few numb-nuts out there that think 'OK, this worked for that guy; I know how to defend myself against handguns!'

Handguns are dangerous, unpredictable and more than sufficiently loaded with enough popular myth and misconception to make toying with them a very bad idea. If you want to train to defend against them, or against knives, don't look it up in a book, or on a webpage somewhere, find an instructor SPECIFICALLY qualified to teach anti-weapon tactics. That's all my opinion, of course, but it's your life.


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