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Re: Does Extension Mean Straight? or Central Axis Neither Central Nor Axis?

Jaemin Yu wrote: View Post
Rob(from Aunkai) had a seminar in Korea two weeks ago. He said 'Frame is not Structure' I didn't know what it means first time...... One example was 'Kaeshiwaza' in aikido. For ikkyo kaeshiwaza your arm is twisted and spine is not straight upward. So there's no structure, but Rob could generate power with no structure. Maybe it could be a timing or blending.. but there were no timing or blending things. He said that's the power of frame.

The structure is useful and helpful to generate power or stand against other people but really hard to maintain while moving. I still don't know how to build and use frame power but it gives me a direction to pursue.
When you use the mind-intent to form jin/kokyu it develops a form/frame that can be separate from the body frame (although for optimum power it will work in conjunction with the body frame).

Jin can go at odd angles through the body, depending upon the intent, and the body can regulate and hold an intent/jin/kokyu force while moving. When I say moving, I don't mean just bulling through somebody or something using basic jin, but I mean that it can be used to power all the sophisticated arm movements, leg movements, But the point is that this mind-direct frame of jin is a core concept of so-called "internal strength". By the way, this form directed by the mind can be called "Xing" (form) "Yi" (intent)... or Xingyi.


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