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Yeah, if I remember from past posts, you're either current or former US Army Rangers? An excellent group; we've had some dealings from time to time - thing I like about the Rangers is they seemed to care more about training (and cross-training with us) than about advertising themselves as Americans, unlike some US marines I could name... (heh heh heh)

Put up a pretty damn good fight on the football field too.

Anyway, I've seen reports that the Rangers have officially adopted BJJ (or Gracie JJ - is there a difference?) as their basic UC ( Unarmed Combat) training - is this true? Just curious. Were I still active, I'd be looking at blending current Canadian UC doctrine (sort of a weird cross between JJ and Ninjitsu, similar to what our RCMP are taught, but more intense) with combat-centered aikido, particularly against personal weapons. Current CF UC training is excellent, but I always felt it was a bit lacking in defensive disarmament.


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