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Re: Ki is Kindness.

In addition, I did not stress the fact that the third definition of KI in my earlier post (#110) defined the term as a way of talking about the kokoro and cautioned that there were many such ways. It did not define KI in terms of kokoro itself. So it is a mistake, in my opinion, to find a spiritual meaning of KI simply because the word KI is used in expressions relating to kokoro.
Dr. Goldsbury,
Jon please; Mr. Reading is still my father. I did not mean to take your definitions beyond the scope of your explanation, but I appreciate the clarification. In fact, I was [unclearly] throwing out that in Budo Renshu, Kokoro was used as a separate term from spirit, implying they were in fact distinctly separate items. I find that like your parting comment, we almost get affirmation that kokoro is not the same as spirituality, as it is explained in Budo Renshu.

Thank you for the further clarification. I am finding kokoro a difficult subject on which to find information outside native Japanese, and within the scope of aikido.
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