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Re: Ki is Kindness.

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I see in some of the older stuff the use of kokoro and I was not familiar with that term. The phrase later came up in "Budo Training in Aikido." It seems to be used as a general term that describes the unification of mind (intention) and body. Oddly enough, it seems the translation chooses to use this term in addition to spirituality (implying maybe some separation between ki as "intent of the mind" and a spiritual connotation?). I enjoyed hearing more about that concept though; thank you Dr. Goldsbury.
Hello Mr Reading,

I missed this short post of yours. Kokoro is a concept that is as multi-focused as KI. One of the problems involved in a translation for non-Japanese speakers, who have been brought up in an intellectual tradition influenced by Descartes, is that the translation has to make choices. So, you have the semi-Cartesian distinction of body / mind / heart / soul / spirit and an English translation of kokoro has to take account of the last four of these. When I have the time, I will spell out the various meaning of 心 kokoro in detail.

In addition, I did not stress the fact that the third definition of KI in my earlier post (#110) defined the term as a way of talking about the kokoro and cautioned that there were many such ways. It did not define KI in terms of kokoro itself. So it is a mistake, in my opinion, to find a spiritual meaning of KI simply because the word KI is used in expressions relating to kokoro.

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