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Diana Frese
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Re: You might be an Aikido addict if ....

I was an Aikido addict and just skimmed thru this thread, seems
very popular, nineteen pages and still active, so I am looking
forward to revisiting later on to read the rest. How familiar many
of the items on your lists are, everyone.

Many years ago one of the senpais had an little test to see
whether we were "overtrained" He would have us let our
arms hang loosely while he loosely slapped them together very
gently..... several times, and if you grabbed your own wrist
without thinking. You were "overtrained"

This might be something like what this thread is about? Can't
wait to read more later this weekend, but my husband just
got back from judo and wants a snack and to discuss that
practice. Gotta keep "uke" happy, I need him for Aikido
practice until I can get back to a dojo....
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