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Michael Hackett
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Re: Announced Vs. Unannounced Testing

Our tests are almost invariably announced. Several years ago I was called up to do a third kyu test with two other students. I had been 3d kyu for about 18 months at the time. I thought nothing of it and did the test along with the others. I got recalled immediately after sitting down to do my 2d kyu test. I was surprised and I did it, but did one technique pretty poorly. My attitude at the time was that I had nothing to lose - the worst possible consequence was that I would fail, come back to training the next class, and retest sometime in the future. As a result the test was actually relaxing and fun and I passed. I prefer being really prepared for a test and that requires a lot of polishing and work during the off hours, but the unannounced test was probably my most enjoyable and a real highlight for me.

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