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Kevin Leavitt wrote:
No, I don't believe that you can develop a 100% fool proof method of preventing yourself from getting shot.

I would prefer that the gunman be "connected" and pressed up against me rather than a few feet away...I think this dramatically improves the chance of success if you are a trained martial artist. (again, situational dependent).
True; although the specific scenario in which one would find themselves in this situation is not defined (we were thinking along the lines of a military capture situation, but not holding to that), there is always considerable risk, especially when handguns are involved. When dealing with handguns, in general, the closer your attacker, the better your chances, but the risk is always going to be there. The question becomes balancing the risk to your life from doing something or not; after events in Bosnia and Rwanda, I wouldn't allow myself to be captured without one HELL of a fight.


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